December 11, 2011

Stroll in December, Leftover Fall Foliage in Kyoto

The recent weeks have been a bit hectic like a merry-go-round. I thought I needed to take a break. To me, when mentioning about a break or day trip, a destination could be more than likely any part of Kyoto which is closer than going to Tokyo where I like but don't think as a destination to relax.

When strolled in November under the fall foliage in the neighborhood, I discovered plentiful of colorful trees. The destinations this time were the south part of Kyoto station, Gion district, and Nishiki-Ichiba (market). There were still some leftover fall foliages here and there in Kyoto.

Well, probably, not so much words today but here are leftover fall foliages before the real winter comes. If you compare to the earlish foliage in October in Kyoto, you could tell trees are more red and some started turn to brown.

Tofuku-Ji Temple in the sourthern part of Kyoto Station is very famous for its garden and one of three best spots for fall foliages in Kyoto. What amazed me was gorgeous mixture of colors that made the garden stunning. Plus, although you don't see many visitors who were storolling around in my photos, I stepped on someone's toes and apologized hundred times! 

Then, strolled down in Gion district and Nishiki-Ichiba (Nishiki-Market) for a while.

Kennin-Ji Temple is the oldest zen temple in Kyoto, built in 1202. Since it first built, Kennin-Ji Temple has been the zen discipline for over 800 years.

Last but not definitely least, when it comes to Kyoto, we can't miss sweet treats after a long walk all day long. This time, we tried Japanese parfeit at Gion-Koishi. It was more than delicious but I liked the one which is impeccable at Tsujiri, my favorite dessert place (sorry for the dark photo).

More photos besides these highlighted ones, please visit flickr.


  1. I love Kyoto and your beautiful photos really made me miss my last visit there. I didn't know you can still see some beautiful foliage in early December. Now that I have a better camera (before it was point and shoot), I wish to visit and take lots of pictures... I don't think mine would be nearly as good as yours though. Fantastic job on taking beautiful pictures!

  2. wow! I always wanted to go to japan and especially to Kyoto. I heard many good things about this city. looks all so wonderful pretty. your photos took me on a trip to your world.

  3. Such beautiful scenery! I want to visit Japan in autumn, one day.

  4. *To Nami san*
    Thank you for your lovely comment, as always! Kyoto has so many apparent and hidden photogenic views that I haven't been to, yet. I didn't really expect that we could enjoy the fall foliage in the early December, as well. But we were lucky to be in the part of the leftover foliage:-)

    Before getting my current camera, I wasn't into taking photos. Now, I have my favorite camera with me almost all the time to capture anything that can ring my heart.

    I do really hope we can do photography tour together with you (and/or with your family) in Kyoto if we have chance!

  5. *To sisterearthorganics*
    Thank you so much for visiting and your warm comment!

  6. *To Helene*
    Thank you for taking your time to visiting here. I can assure that you will fall in love with Kyoto when you visit! Food, culture of new an old traditions, and not to mention, beautiful views are waiting for you:-)

  7. *To leaf*
    Thank you for your visit! Yes, Kyoto is such a fantastic place to be. Autumn is the best season of the year if you visit Kyoto.


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